April 18, 2024

TO VOTE FOR Bentley Murdock,
GO TO: http://a.pgtb.me/frngn2

This video is an endorsement to assist Bentley Murdock in his running for Share SLO Ambassador. The City of San Luis Obispo will be hiring a Networking Marketing & Social Media Representative to “ShareSLO” with the world, over the next year, and Bentley Murdock is running for this position.

Starting on January 25th, anyone can click on the link above, and vote every day, until February 18th. The candidate who generates the most votes, is the one that will be offered the position!! So, every vote counts, and Bentley needs yours!!

If you have any questions, feel free to call Bentley at:
TOO-SLO-CITY (866-758-2489) or send an email to:

This video clip is an original creation of Bentley Murdock.
All music, photographs, and other content, were created
by Bentley Murdock. Audio or visual works are copyright
protected, all rights reserved. www.BentleyMurdock.com

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