June 17, 2024

About SLOcialNET


Slocialnet.Info Launched Fun And Information-Packed Vlog-Site For A Whole New Experience

SLOcialnet.info is a community social networking website where people can create new relationships, find out about local events and activities and create a resource network to help them discover the best things to do and see in SLO County.

Whether looking for new friends, new adventures, or a good dating time in San Luis Obispo County, SLOcialnet.info is the right network for them to discover new and exciting events, activities, and people around SLO county every single day. The site is used to disseminate quality and updated news, information and data, events, and resources in one convenient source.

Providing a new vlog-site platform for posting, sharing, and exploring experiences with other people, SLOcialnet.info is a social resource providing a wide range of information that allows community members to start developing relationships with one other quickly including getting a scoop on local real estate markets and get to know about current events, outdoor activities, and sporting leagues.

To connect individuals, SLOcialnet.info is powered by people who want to connect with others to travel, attend local events, support their families, and live a more local social life. They are SLO’s digital social networking resource where members can do fun activities, find like-minded people they enjoy spending time with, and maybe even find the perfect companionship.

When asked about the site’s uniqueness, Judy. B. Armstrong the founder said, “For whatever you want to do, there’s a place for it in San Luis Obispo County – from beaches and mountains to architecture, art, and music. For example, on SLOcialnet.info’s new vlog site, you can explore upcoming events, interesting video content, and local resource links – all in one place. Our goal is to make your life much easier by giving you the tools and resources to stay active, social, connected, and informed in SLO County. Fast, easy, fun, and most of all, there’s no cost!”

The website has videos and links to social media sites, allowing users to access current events and activities around their city. The website also provides real estate resources, allowing people the opportunity to connect with local real estate agents and find the right home for them. So head to https://slocialnet.info/ to communicate with others in the community to build new relationships and turn loneliness into quality time! 

Contact information 

Contact Person Name: Judy B. Armstrong

Company: Slocialnet.Info

Email: pressrelease@slocialnet.info

City: San Luis Obispo

State: CA

Country: USA

Website: https://slocialnet.info/ 

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