May 21, 2024

Hello! My name is Leif Casagrande I am running for your SLO Ambassador 2013 and I would love your endorsement. I moved here to San Luis Obispo 8 years ago when I decided to trade my career in furniture design and branding, for rolling hills and crashing waves. During my journey here in San Luis Obispo I have grown into an avid historian and fanatic, for everything Central Coast. This curiosity came about when I worked as a interpreter at Hearst Castle and now this has grown into a passion. I’m currently on the sales and marketing team at the Apple Farm Inn where I am having wonderful experience. I am an artist in my free time and I love to work with any medium, from welding to painting on canvas. My inspiration is drawn from my everyday experiences living here in San Luis Obispo. I have traveled many places, but no place that I have been……has ever compared to SLO. From the endless events to the amazing wineries, to the 360 days of sunshine at 74 degrees…I love where I live, and live where I love, and that is San Luis Obispo my home. I look forward to sharing my adventures and mis-adventures here in SLO with each and everyone of you. I hope you like my film and thank you….I had so much fun making it and learned so much about myself. Thank you Share SLO for the opportunity to be a part of such a cool promotion!!!!! (: VOTE LEIF CASAGRANDE for SLO AMBASSADOR 2013

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