February 29, 2024

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SLOcialNET.Info Promo Video

SLOcialnet.info – A simple resource to new adventures in SLO County. 

SLOcialnet.info, the social networking community resource in SLO County announced their new network vlog-site. 

SLOcialnet.info’s network vlog-site is targeted to anyone searching for new friends, new adventures or social activities to attend in SLO county. 

People in general need social networking resources that will enable them to make new friends, find adventures and activities to be a part of in their local community. 

What I have discovered in my real estate practice is that when I work with clients from out of town that don’t have family or friends nearby and are considering purchasing a home in SLO County. Their main concern or what brings them anxiety is whether they will be able to make new social connections in their local community. 

SLOcialnet.info allows people to have a local social resource network where they can meet new people, find out about local events and activities which can allow them to create new relationships with others in their community. 

The customer will be able to view community informational videos, and current event live links to social community websites and real estate resources. 

Judy Barsamian-Armstrong, SLOcialnet.info’s Founder said: “Finally, an exciting new Vlog-site for SLOcial networking info!”

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