April 15, 2024

San Luis Obispo is also known as @SLOCAL…and you’ll really feel like a local when you’re here because of the people you’ll meet. In Part 2 of our SLO CAL series, we find out about the food, wineries and special experiences you’ll find here. We go from memorable vineyards in Paso Robles where you’ll meet the owner, to a winery you can Zip Line over!! We also visit the most unique restaurant in California and get to watch the sun set while horseback riding on a ranch. It’s a trip we will never forget!

We visit @eberlewinery6692, @NinerWineEstates, @ancientpeakswinery, Santa Margarita Adventures, @klondikepizza6158, @MadonnaInn1958, @avilavalleybarn8020, @centralcoasttrailrides3917

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