April 22, 2024

Back in May 2022, I took a return trip to San Luis Obispo County to do some of the trails I had never done before and film the ones I did before I started making YouTube videos. Reservoir Canyon is a new hike for me, and I really enjoyed it! Located in the city of San Luis Obispo and labeled as moderate/ difficult at 4.9-miles round trip and 1,300 ft of elevation gain! This is a beautiful trail with a significant amount of shade during portions of the hike. Along the way, you will see a small waterfall, many beautiful trees, and a tree swing! Once you get to the very end of the hike you have .the most amazing panorama of the city of San Luis Obispo, Cerro de San Luis Obispo( Madonna Mountain), Bishop Peak, and the ocean in the distance! It’s a beautiful yet somewhat challenging Central California hiking adventure!!

For more information on hiking Reservoir Canyon.
Reservoir Canyon Trail on AllTrails

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