May 30, 2024

The complete story of the infamous 2018 audit that put Morro Bay, California on the map. This unassuming coastal town would become infamous for its corrupt police department and the disturbing criminal behavior of its residents. The incident began when Nasty Nathanial was assaulted and unlawfully detained by police for recording in public. In response, he and fellow auditor Johnny Five O returned to the town in protest, where they were gang-stalked by locals deep into the night. This sparked a larger audit movement, culminating in a mass protest on St. Patrick’s Day.

This video is a special collaboration with Nasty Nathanial @NastyNathanial69 who tells the story in his own words. Nate has also shared a collection of previously unreleased footage. The documentary includes local news coverage, and features additional content from the following channels:

Nasty Nathanial @NastyNathanial69
Johnny Five O @johnnyfiveo
Munkay 83 @Munkay83
Dave Justdave @davejustdave3427
The Cameraman @TheCameraman
LaurasharkCW @LaurasharkCW
News Now California @NewsNowCalifornia
High Desert Community Watch @highdesertcommunitywatchnews

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********** *CHAPTERS* ***********

00:00 Introduction
02:00 Part 1: The PD Audit
14:11 Breakdown/Analysis
23:17 Part 2: A Tale of Two Cities
28:20 Part 3: Johnny Five O
38:46 Interlude: Paranoia
47:14 Part 4: Meet the Locals
1:11:08 Part 5: Morro Bay After Dark
1:32:32 Interlude: Dark Energy
1:41:12 Part 6: The Mass Audit
1:57:26 Part 7: …Until It Happens To You

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Music: Dark Crimes by Soundridemusic
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Music: Heartbeat by Soundridemusic
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Music: Cyber Runner by Soundridemusic
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“Headlights in the Fog” by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio
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Welcome to Showcase Audits, where we highlight First Amendment Auditors and the important work these Patriots do: exposing tyrants, holding government workers accountable, and educating the ignorant whenever possible.

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This video was written, produced, voiced, and edited by Showcase Audits.

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