April 18, 2024

Although often overlooked, Arroyo Grande is home to many unique attractions. For example, did you know that it’s home to California’s only swinging bridge? It dates back to 1875 when it didn’t have any handrails. Or that traffic in the village center will often stop…for free-ranging roosters?

That’s only a start. Ghost stories abound in Arroyo Grande—one is said to haunt the pizza parlor in a downtown heritage building, and there are more ghosts at the Pitkin Estate on Valley Road. The area also lays claim to some celebrities, was home to America’s first woman to receive a pilot’s license, and has an amazing vineyard with a historic adobe on its property.

A real sign of community, the owner of Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Parlor—besides letting customers create their own flavors and sometimes adding them to the menu—hosts a day where the proceeds from his sales go toward helping kids working for him attend a local college. These are only a few of the things that make Arroyo Grande so special.

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* This video is proudly produced in partnership with SLO CAL and Visit Arroyo Grande.

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