April 24, 2024

Your ultimate travel guide for things to do, wineries to discover, adventures to explore and where to eat in Paso Robles!

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Ultimate Paso Robles Weekend Getaway Travel Guide

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How to play pickleball in Paso Robles https://youtu.be/MmcvnUexhwg
Cava Robles RV Park https://youtu.be/SsRfpFS9Oxs

Third Wheel (Side Car) Tours https://thirdwheeltours.com/
Cass Winery https://www.casswines.com/
JUSTIN Vineyard https://www.justinwine.com/visit
Vine Cycle Tours https://www.vinecycletours.com/
Sensorio https://sensoriopaso.com/

Allegretto Vineyard Resort https://reservations.allegrettovineyardresort.com/95047?hotelId=95047&_gl=1*1ogg8wh*_ga*NDM1NjIwMjYxLjE2ODY5NTUwMzk.*_ga_ZE47403M6W*MTY4ODE0MjQ0Ny4xMS4wLjE2ODgxNDI0NDcuMC4wLjA.#/guestsandrooms

Jeffrey’s BBQ https://jeffryswinecountrybbq.com/
Etto Pasta Bar https://www.ettopastabar.net/

See more Paso Robles Tours https://viator.tp.st/LaWAana5

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c) Get Your Guide (ooolala a little more local!)

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0:00 Intro
0:45 Third wheel tours at Cass Winery
2:10 Lunch at Cass Winery
2:36 Allegretto Hotel and Wine Resort
3:30 Allegretto wine tasting
3:57 Tin City Hubba wines
5:21 Dinner at Cello at Allegretto
6:10 Justin Winery biking with Vine Cycles
7:33 Calcareous winery lunch and tasting
9:15 Hangout pool side
9:49 Paso Market Walk
10:22 Finca for dinner
11:25 Sensorio Field of Light
13:12 Paso Robles Pickleball Club
14:20 Events in Paso Robles
15:33 Thatcher Winery
16:25 Jeffrey’s BBQ
18:10 Etto Pasta Bar

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