April 18, 2024

Learn more about San Luis Obispo County on my blog here: https://www.dtvdanieltelevision.com/2018/08/01/this-is-san-luis-obispo-county/

San Luis Obispo County is home to over a quarter million people on the central coast of California. “SLO” is also home to about 20,000 students who love to hike, beach, and party in downtown SLO, so I had to see what the vibe was all about. I followed locals to San Luis Obispo events, beaches and even the infamous bubble gum alley!

Of course our first San Luis Obispo event started at the mission plaza with concerts in the park. They bring live music right in the middle of downtown SLO every Friday summer night.

San Luis Obispo restaurants are incredible! You can get pretty much get any type of food here to include outstanding seafood at Dorn’s Cafe in Morro Bay, unbelievable tri-tip sandwiches at Firestone, and late night pizza at Woodstock. Here’s a list of all the San Luis Obispo restaurants and bars my locals took me to:

– Novo Restaurant
– Sidecar Cocktail Co.
– Frog and Peach
– Luna Red
– Firestone Grill
– Spikes Beer
– Black Sheep
– Cowboy Cookie
– Barrel House Brewing Co.
– Woodstock Pizza
– Dorn’s Cafe

I was shocked to stumble upon Bubble gum alley. Apparently this is a very popular San Luis Obispo attraction. It’s literally what you think it might be, an incredibly disgusting alley covered with used gum. Bubble gum alley does make for good photos though, the color combinations are pretty wild. No touching!

We also got the rare opportunity to visit the college campus at Cal Poly where the head basketball coach helped our video with a cameo of his championship trophy. Thanks Coach!

I ended the trip visiting the gorgeous San Luis Obispo beaches, climbing the sand dunes, and watching a double header at the drive in theater. I’ll definitely make my way back to San Luis Obispo county and highly recommend you visit the central coast!

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