June 18, 2024

My SLO Ambassador Video Contest entry was inspired by Mike Kaney Co-founder of RockBridge Productions. Mike has been one of my best friends as far back as I can remember. It seems very fitting for him to be involved with this ShareSLO video because we are both local natives of San Luis Obispo. Mike now lives in San Francisco pursuing his passion of Film Production, while I have stuck to my roots here in San Luis Obispo. This special place we call SLO is my Passion and I plan on living the SLO Life for many years to come!

San Luis Obispo County has many untapped possibilities, which I want to SHARE with the World! Our great County offers constant economic growth within our Tourism Industry. I have many personal/business goals to achieve here in SLO and hope to one day raise a family. Our community must evolve to meet today’s economic challenges. Voting for me provides a platform to turn my Passion into Tourism Revenue Reality! Your next San Luis Obispo Ambassador, Adam Quaglino.

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