April 18, 2024

Since I’m still editing my LA vlog, I thought I might as well give y’all some more content 🙂 Here’s a vlog I made of my trip with my friend and her family down to San Luis Obispo, CA a while ago! I’m totally missing the warm weather right now…

A perk of taking a gap year is that I now have a year off where I can do whatever I want (within covid-related regulations), which for this trip meant enjoying beautiful views, reading at the beach and eating amazing food. Our trip theme song was Saw You In A Dream, by The Japanese House (I always choose a song to play over and over again during the trip so that when I hear it later, I’m reminded of the trip!).

Also, I created a gap year-specific IG account where you can see what I do every day of my gap year. I posted this video on there, but thought it’d be fun to post it on my main channel. Why not!

Follow me on ig: @ddianalim
Follow my gap year: @dianasgapyear

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*** Music creds: Saw You In A Dream by The Japanese House

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