April 18, 2024

Day in the life Cal Poly slo student San Luis Obispo. Here I show off cal poly student life to incoming students and give a campus tour. I have gone here for a few years now so I show you what my daily routine tends to look like. Here at Cal Poly, the studying is very rigorous, but we all learn how to make time for things we enjoy, such as surfing, biking, hiking, partying, or whatever else may float your boat. This video shows a very glorious Tuesday in the day of the life of a California college student. Is college on the coast as good as everyone says? I say yes! I mean, I get to go surfing every day of the week, the weather is insanely perfect all the time, the sun is shining, the people are friendly, I absolutely love San Luis Obispo. If you get the chance to go to school at Cal Poly SLO I absolutely recommend it. I lived inland norcal growing up, but spending time on the coast, near the beach has been an amazing experience. If you have the chance, spend some time living the life at college on the California coast. This video is a college lifestyle type of vlog.

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Hello everyone, welcome to the ComfortablyLost channel. The goal for this channel is to be a sort of lifestyle adventure vlog. The videos I make will pretty much just be vlogs of my life or adventures I do. I will try to make the best and most interesting videos possible. Thanks for watching!
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