May 19, 2024
By Kaytlyn Leslie

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The Central Coast really loves tacos.

How much? It was the only spot in the United States where “taco tuesday” was a top trending “near me” search in the past year, according to Google.

The search engine recently released its Local Year in Search 2022 data , revealing what search terms were popular in particular parts of the United States over the past year. Google lumped together search results for San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties, dubbing the region the “Santa Barbara, CA area.”

So what were Central Coast residents looking for?

According to Google, the Santa Barbara area ranked No. 2 behind the Lake Charles, Louisiana, area for searches for “silver labs” — gray-coated Labrador retrievers.

Rap was the most searched music genre on the Central Coast in 2022, according to the data, but the region also apparently has some ardent funk fans.

According to Google, the Central Coast searched more for “funk music” than anywhere else in the country.

Not surprisingly, the region’s top recipe search involved something that pairs well with tacos — chips and guacamole.

The Central Coast was the only place in the United States where “tequila sunrise” — a classic cocktail made with tequila, orange juice and grenadine — topped the list of most searched recipes.

Google also released a list of the top 10 trending “near me” searches for the Central Coast in 2022.

They were:

  1. supplement store near me
  2. e85 near me
  3. remote jobs near me
  4. panaderia near me
  5. siding installation near me
  6. drug store near me
  7. taco tuesday near me
  8. tax preparer near me
  9. gas prices near me
  10. pilates near me

    To find out what searches were popular in other areas around the United States, go to:

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