October 3, 2023

What should you do when visiting San Luis Obispo, California for a day trip or overnight? We stayed at the Madonna Inn, walked around downtown SLO, and visited bubble gum alley as well as the Sycamore Mineral Resort hot springs!

Madonna Inn: http://www.anrdoezrs.net/links/8528183/type/dlg/https://www.hotels.com/ho228186/?as-srs-report=HomePage%7CAutoS%7CHOTEL%7Cmadonna%20inn%7C0%7C6%7C0%7C2%7C7%7C8%7C228186&tab=description&ZSX=0&SYE=3&q-room-0-children=0&q-room-0-adults=1

Hi there! My name is Jen and I am the founder and writer of World On A Whim, the Perfectionist’s Guide to Spontaneous Travel. While my blog focuses on international travel, I am starting school in Los Angeles and will therefore not be able to travel abroad quite as much. Therefore, I decided to curate a “Day in LA” each week so that we can all enjoy our free time and have adventures in this glorious city. And of course I will share my travels outside of LA with you as well 🙂

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All footage shot on Cannon G7X, iPhone 6, and GoPro Hero4 Session (thank you Verizon!)

FTC ‣ This is not a sponsored video. Some of the links above may be affiliate links.

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